Collect supermarket bags and containers for collecting and storing your produce and pick-your-own crops when summer vegetable share distributions begin next week!

Although the farm has small plastic bags you can use to gather and weigh your produce, we do not provide containers for pick-your-own crops or any baskets or bags for carrying your share to your car. Members are welcome to donate clean bags, as well as quart and pint containers, for others to use (we store these in a bin onsite).

Use plastic produce bags for individual vegetables, especially loose greens. Pint and quart containers work well for pick-your-own crops. For more information about pickup procedures, see our pickup information page.

If you are donating containers, please do not bring any of the following:

  • empty newspaper bags.
  • used rubber bands.
  • containers that are any size besides quart or pint.
  • bags or containers that have crumbs/food waste.

No one uses these items and we have to throw them out or recycle them ourselves. Thank you!