When Christine Taylor Garner collects her Stearns Farm vegetable share, everything about her day, from the weather to the conversations she has under the tent influences what she decides to make from it. As our new recipe editor, Christine will be sharing her inspiration and her practical approach to cooking with vegetables all season beginning next week.

“My favorite way to cook is to see what’s around and what I can create with that,” she says, whether summer squash fritters with basil pesto, a stir fry, or an Indian-style curry. Her recipes will help make the most of our summer veggies, including those that many sharers find challenging such as kohlrabi, tomatillos and garlic scapes. She’ll also offer tips for storing vegetables, using the herbs in our culinary herb garden,  and ideas for “fridge clearing” dishes to ensure every bit is used. “I’m obsessed about not wasting food.”

Christine joined Stearns Farm six years ago after trying multiple local CSAs. The variety of vegetables in the share encouraged her to explore cuisines that emphasize them and incorporate them into her work as a personal chef, cooking for busy families. “Everyone wants fresh, healthy meals,” she says. “I personally have evolved a lot from being a huge eater of meat to using meat more as an accent.”

Look for new recipes from Christine weekly. You can also let her know if there’s a vegetable that stumps you, or if you’re hankering for a new recipe for a favorite. Contact her at christine@taylormademeals.com.