Hello, dear sharers! By now most of you have visited the tent and encountered our new choice system. Thanks so much for your enthusiasm and patience as we implement it. We are very excited about it and hope that you feel the benefits of having more flexibility in what you take away from the farm every week. 
Here are the highlights about how this new system works, and some answers to your questions about it:

  • Follow directions for quantities that are posted around the tent, and kindly don’t take any more than your fair share of veggies.
  • I heard some of you express concern about having to make choices under pressure—I really get this! To help, you can use the list of veggies “that may be in your share” in our newsletter every Monday to make a shopping list, and have it in hand when you come to the farm! We are trying our best to let you know what to expect so you can make your visit to the farm efficient and pleasant . 
  • We are keeping a close eye on share size and we are making certain that the number of items you receive is comparable to the previous season.

A few of you asked how this helps the farm. Good question! We mostly made the change to address food waste concerns, and to make being a sharer more convenient for you. (Happy sharers make us happy!) Another reason is that, as with some other changes we’ve made, this system allows us more flexibility in our harvest.

An example from last week: say there are only enough kohlrabi sized up for 40 bunches in the field, while the rest are slightly undersized. With the new system, we don’t have to wait for it all to size up and then force it on everyone. Instead we can pick what is ready, and offer it up for the people who really want it.

Ember and I have a combined 27 years of farming experience, and we’re familiar with sharer “favorites.” But based on my conversations with other farmers who use the choice system, it will enable us to fine tune our crop plan. This is a win-win: we put our energy into growing more of what you want on this little slice of land that we farm, and your share has more vegetables in it that you like.

If you have any other questions about the new choice system, please let me know. We hope that you are enjoying the bounty!
BTW, my crew loves cold treats and might need them in the heat this week, if you feel inspired! We’ll take anything from Gatorade to ice pops to ice cream sandwiches. But no pressure, and keep cool yourself!