Our Early Bird sale for current sharers ends Sunday, Oct. 14. If you’re planning to return to Stearns Farm next summer, be one of the first 100 sharers to purchase a 2019 Summer Share and get a 10% discount—the equivalent of two weeks free. You’ll also be eligible for these other benefits:

  • Work hours waived! Worth 6 hours for a Classic Share, and 4 hours for a Farmer’s Choice Share (or $60 and $40 respectively if you plan to buy out your hours.)
  • $10 off a 2018 Winter Share if you buy it at the same time as your summer share.
  • A voucher to share: Give a friend or a family member one free share pick up!
  • Plant sale coupon: Spend $15 at our May 2019 plant sale and get $3 off.
  • Raffle—you could win a free share! You’ll be automatically entered into our raffle for a free share. The winner will receive a 100% refund of the price of their 2019 summer share. The drawing will be held in October, on a date to be announced.
  • This Early Bird offer will be available until October 14 or until 100 shares (75 Farmer’s Choice shares and 25 Classic Harvest shares) are purchased–whichever is sooner. When this sale ends, current sharers will be able to reserve a 2019 summer share for 5% off until December 15.

Winter Shares can be purchased separately at any time for the regular price.

By signing up early, you provide us with money to buy seeds and supplies in a timely manner and help to sustain Stearns Farm as a community supported farm. In addition, we’re raising our prices for new sharers and for any purchases made after December 15, so taking advantage of the sale enables you to avoid this increase.

Early Bird prices

First 100 shares

(for 2018 Summer sharers until sold out or October 14)

October 15-December 15

(for 2018 Summer sharers)

  • Classic Harvest – $738 + $10 membership fee.
  • Farmer’s Choice – $433 + $10 membership fee.

Regular prices

(for new sharers now, and everyone after December 15)

  • Classic Harvest – $777 + $10 membership fee.
  • Farmer’s Choice – $456 + $10 membership fee.
  • Winter Share – $120 (non-members must pay the $10 membership fee). Buy

For more details about these offers, visit the Stearns Farm online store. If you have additional questions, please email Mel and Ember at farmer@stearnsfarmcsa.org.