Every year for Thanksgiving, I travel to a different place depending on which family members are in the area. My mother, two brothers, sister, and me have all hosted over the years. Each time is different and special.

On one of my favorite Thanksgivings, I was working my first season on a farm. I was living on the property temporarily while the owners were on vacation. I couldn’t leave the farm for the holiday because the plants in the greenhouses and a hundred chickens needed me every day. So my family came to me.

We squished into the small kitchen and cooked everything together. We made every dish with vegetables from the farm: beets, potatoes, carrots, onions, Brussels sprouts, and squash. It made me so happy to share such high quality food with my family and to see how proud they were of me and my hard work.

The gratitude and pride I felt that day hasn’t lessened one bit. Every year I share as many vegetables that I’ve grown as I can, and my family is  always enthusiastic and thankful. Thanksgiving is truly the perfect time of year to gather and share the delicious bounty of the season, and to give a quick thanks to the fields that grew them.

I’ll be at my mother’s this year and will remind her about our Thanksgiving at that first farm. I’m pretty sure it was one of her favorites as well. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!