If you had a 2018 summer share, you have until Saturday to reserve next year’s summer veggies and get a 5% discount—the equivalent of one week free. You’ll also get a voucher for one free share pickup to give to a friend or family member as well as a coupon for $3 off at our spring plant sale.

By signing up early, you provide us with money to buy seeds and supplies in a timely manner and help to sustain Stearns Farm as a community supported farm. In addition, we’re raising our prices for any purchases made after December 15, so taking advantage of the sale enables you to avoid this increase.


Until December 15

Regular prices

After December 15

  • Classic Harvest – $777 + $10 membership fee.
  • Farmer’s Choice – $456 + $10 membership fee.

For more details about these offers, visit the Stearns Farm online store. If you have additional questions, please email Ember at farmer@stearnsfarmcsa.org.