We need someone with mechanical skills who can help with small repairs, maintenance and troubleshooting of our tractor “fleet” in exchange for a Summer Share.

In this work-for-share role, you’ll get to work on our two antique, gasoline powered Cubs (simple, fun, and pretty easy) and one 33 horsepower diesel-powered Massey Ferguson. Though we have the budget to call in professional mechanics when necessary, we prefer to have someone reliable within our farm community who can handle the less-complicated and routine work.

We usually perform general maintenance on the tractors in May, before the summer season begins, and again in November. Minor (but hopefully very few) repairs are typically needed throughout the summer months. While you don’t need prior experience working on tractors, a background in automobile, truck or large machinery repair (whether in your job or fixing your own vehicles or equipment) will enable you to learn about our tractors quickly.

If you’re interested in tinkering with tractors, or know someone who might be, please email Farm Manager Ember Fleming at farmer@stearnsfarmcsa.org or share this story with your friends, neighbors and social networks.