It was lovely meeting all of our new CSA sharers during orientation last week! I’m excited to have you all a part of our community. For all sharers, both new and returning, below is a review of our CSA Pick Up basics.

Pick up times

When you first purchased your share, you selected a pick-up day–either Tuesday or Friday. This will be the day you pick up for the remainder of the season. If you forget what day you signed up for, please check your confirmation email that you received when you purchased your share OR email Barbara Ward at to confirm.

PICK UP HOURS ARE AS FOLLOWS: Tuesday 10 a.m. – 7 p.m., Friday 10 a.m. – 7 p.m.

  • Pick up takes 5 minutes if you are not doing Pick-Your-Own and more like 15-20 minutes if you are doing some PYO.
  • Please sign in when you pick up your share by checking your name off on the clipboard. That’s how we know you’ve collected your veggies

Switching pick up days

We allow each sharer three pick up “switches” per season. You can switch days within the same week, but you may not switch between weeks. To switch pick up days, please email by Sunday evening of that week (we begin harvesting each week at 7AM on Monday).  

If you are going to be gone for an entire week, and a switch won’t work for you, you may send someone to pick up for you (no need to tell us in advance), or just know that we will give your share to one of the food rescue organizations we donate our extra produce to.

Pick your own

  • PYO crops and quantities are listed at the pavilion on a chalkboard.
  • Please bring your own containers for PYO.
  • Please respect the quantities and guidelines posted!
  • PYO crops may be harvested between Tuesday and Saturday OF THE SAME CALENDAR WEEK they are listed.

What to bring

  • We will not be providing plastic produce bags this season. You will need to bring your own bags and containers to collect and weigh your vegetables, as well as a tote to carry your share to your car.
  • Bring scissors for harvesting your herbs and flowers.
  • Bring a container that you can put water into to make sure your flowers make it home fresh and happy!

Kids at the farm

We love having kids at the farm! We have a children’s garden with a sandbox and toys for entertaining our youngest members. Although we don’t mind children roaming free, they must play safely, stay off the tractors, and be respectful of the plants, living critters, and other people that they are sharing the farm with.


If you have an emergency regarding pick-up or other questions, the best way to reach us is via email, not the telephone.

We send out a weekly newsletter each Monday with all the information you need about that week’s pickup, including a list of the crops that may be in the share that week, PYO for that week, and some helpful recipes.

In the rare circumstance that we cancel a pick up due to EXTREME WEATHER or other emergency, we will post on Facebook and Instagram and, time permitting, send an email. We have only canceled once in the past two years, but if there is any threat of severe thunderstorms, dangerous winds or the rare tornado warning please check your email and social media to be certain that pick up is still happening.

Questions? Please email!