Our Children’s Garden, which is located next to the Culinary Herb Garden, is open for kids to play and learn during their visits to the farm. By following a few guidelines, parents can ensure that their children have a fun and safe experience:

  • If your children are visiting for the first time, please help them to get oriented to the space and to understand how to play appropriately there before allowing them to explore and enjoy it on their own—just as you would in any new place.
  • Please help your children to keep the sand in the sandbox. Otherwise, it mixes with the surrounding wood chips and mulch, making a mess. Our volunteers who maintain the Children’s Garden thank you!
  • Please make sure your children stay off the pergola over the sandbox. We know it’s tempting to climb, but it’s also dangerous. Although we have taken special care to ensure that it’s structurally sound, we’d rather not take chances. Instead, there’s a wonderful, sturdy, apple tree just a few feet away that the children love to climb and take pictures in.

Thanks for keeping those few things in mind. We look forward to seeing you and your children at the farm!