Our garlic is fully mature and ready to come out of the fields in mid-July, at which point we need many hands for picking. Last Wednesday, students from Reed Academy, a therapeutic day school in Framingham, joined several CSA sharers to harvest 3,000 garlic bulbs.

Reed Academy students have been working with us all season—they’ve also helped us plant spinach, lettuce, and peppers. Their teacher, Eric Bloomstein, says his students have not only learned about farming and where their food comes from, they’ve developed a deeper interest in the process of growing food and what it takes to get it from the farm to the table.  

“Students have brought their skills back to the school and used it to work on their own small garden,” Bloomstein says. “This partnership has been a great benefit to the students, who all look forward to time spent on the farm with great people who have been both kind and generous.” 

Reed Academy specializes in helping boys with social and emotional needs, emphasizing emotional and academic growth along with social and behavioral changes. As a non-profit farm, working with organizations like Reed Academy is part of our mission to educate and connect our community to the land. 

The garlic is curing in our greenhouse, and we’ll distribute it in the next couple of weeks. We are grateful to have help from Reed Academy students, and we look forward to working with them more this year!

Until next time,