We’re distributing garlic this week! As we have done in the past, each sharer will get their entire share of garlic at one time. Read how to collect, cure and store your garlic supply:

  • We have a separate sign-in sheet for the garlic pickup, so we can make sure everyone has received their allotment. We will check off your name after you receive your garlic.
  • Farmer’s Choice sharers and Classic Harvest Sharers will receive slightly different quantities of garlic. We will retrieve the appropriate bundle for you after we check your name off the sign-in sheet.
  • If you will be away, and someone else is picking up your share, have them pick up your garlic, too, and get it from them when you return. For logistical reasons, we can’t hold it for you.
  • If you split a share with someone, you will still only receive one bunch of garlic for the entire season, so it is your responsibility to split the garlic with your fellow share-splitter.

The garlic can be used right away or cured for longer storage.  To cure garlic, leave the stalks and roots on and let it sit or hang in a dark, well-ventilated space or outdoors, in a shady breezy place, for 3 weeks. Once the tops and roots have dried up you can cut them off and store the garlic in a cool (32-40 F), dark, ventilated place for about 4 months.