Our greenhouse tomatoes are starting to ripen and our field tomatoes are not far behind—they’re loving this heat! Since we grow so many different kinds of tomatoes, I’ve created this guide to the varieties you may see under the pavilion.

When you collect your tomatoes each week, you’ll notice that we harvest some of them before they’re completely ripe. We have several reasons. First, it’s easier to manage the harvest; we can ensure we don’t lose any tomatoes to pests, or because they become too ripe and fall off or begin to rot. It’s also nice for sharers to have options; you can take tomatoes that are ready to eat as well as some that will be ready in a few days.

The list below tells you the variety name, where we grow each variety on the farm, and a description of what it looks like when fully ripe (including a photo) so you know when it is ready to eat. 

Stearns Farm 2019 Tomato Varieties

Type Name Where grown  Color 
Cherry Sunpeach  Field    Pink
Cherry Indigo Cherry  Field Black top that transitions into a reddish orange color on the bottom
Cherry Supersweet 100  Field Red
Cherry Purple Bumblebee Field Red and green streaks
Cherry  Sungold  Field and Greenhouse  Orange
 Slicer  Beorange  Greenhouse  Orange
Slicer Geronimo Greenhouse   Red 
Slicer  Valley Girl  Greenhouse    Red
Slicer  Big Beef  Field    Red
Slicer  Damsel  Field    Pink
 Slicer  Chef’s Choice  Field    Orange
Heirloom  Brandywine  Field    Pink
Heirloom  Pink Berkeley Tie-Dye  Field    Red and green streaks
 Heirloom  Cherokee Purple  Field    Mostly pinkish purple with green streaks around the stem
 Heirloom  Striped German  Field    Orange with red streaks
Paste Amish Paste Field Red
Paste Speckled Roman Field Red with orange streaks
Paste Plum Regal Field Red