Here’s the rest of our 2019 crew!

Tina Marcus

Tina Marcus – Penelope’s Garden WFS

Tina is originally from Connecticut but has lived in Massachusetts for 35 years. She worked for the Conservation Department at Worcester Art Museum for 20 years, with a main interest in conservation of Roman mosaics. She is now retired and enjoys spending her days gardening, doing yoga and making art such as printmaking, collage, and 3D compositions using natural materials. Her favorite day of the week is when she gets her share and spends quality time with her fiance, Craig, prepping and food planning for the week.

Seth Rosenoff

Seth Rosenoff – Field Worker WFS

Seth has lived in Framingham his whole life. He does Computer-Aided Design work for a small company in Sterling that manufactures fire alarm systems. Seth enjoys gardening, hiking, photography, music and architecture. His photo was taken at Tanglewood, where he goes every year with friends.The place encompasses everything he’s interested in.

Saskia Romero



Saskia Romero – Field Worker WFS

Saskia was born in Colombia and raised in Bolivia and Oklahoma. She works in power tool sales, servicing the power utility industry. In addition to enjoying her free time getting fresh air and doing manual labor at the farm, she likes to work out at her CrossFit gym, cook new recipes, and travel.

Sara Abramovitz 

Sara Abramovitz – Herb Garden WFS and Volunteer Coordinator

Sara has been a member of Stearns Farm for over 25 years, first as a member, then for many years as a WFS and volunteer coordinator. She has been working in the herb gardens for several years now. Stearns holds a special place in her heart, and being at the farm has always been a little piece of peace for her. She considers the herbs a nutritious and healing gift, and she always welcome sharers who want to explore the herbs or volunteer their time at the farm.

Kelsey Mola

Kelsey Mola – Field Worker WFS

Kelsey is from Framingham and works as a special education teacher at RCS Learning Center in Natick. She had heard about farm shares, was gifted one, and then fell in love with the thought of being able to work for it. Although she is not a morning person, she enjoys waking up early on Saturday to spend time outside on the farm. She also enjoys laying by the pool or beach side, spending time with friends and family, and enjoying a nice, ice cold Diet Coke.

Christine Zate

Christine Zate – Greenhouse Watering WFS

Christine has been a sharer since 2006 and a WFS since 2012. She loves Stearns not only because the farm is beautiful and peaceful, but she also finds it very therapeutic to be so close to Mother Earth, watching the different seasons come and go.

Nicci Meadow



Nicci Meadow – Tuesday Pavilion WFS

Nicci is a mother, a “Do-Gooder”, artist and photographer, lawyer, Seeker and Believer


Noam Blacker

Noam Blacker – Part time field staff

Noam is from Framingham and goes to Framingham High School, where is a junior. When not working at the farm or at school, he enjoys being outside and playing Ultimate Frisbee.



Mira Eschtruth and Elana Varon


Elana Varon – Newsletter Editor WFS
Mira Eschtruth – Part time field staff

Elana is a self-employed editor, writer, and mom to Mira and her older brother Ari. Elana grew up in Needham, went to college in the Boston area, moved to North Carolina for graduate school (where she fell in love with Andy, her husband of 26 years, and field greens), and worked as a journalist in Washington, D.C. before settling in Natick in 1997. She convinced her family to join Stearns in 2015 by promising them she would eat all the beets. Elana enjoys cooking (she’s on a pickling kick), knitting, taking photos, reading (contemporary fiction, usually) and being outdoors. Mira is a senior at Natick High School, where she is the stage manager for NHS theater productions and plays the trombone in the school wind ensemble. She enjoys being outdoors, especially hiking, and binge watching TV. 

Venson Shih

Venson Shih – Webmaster WFS

Venson spent two decades as the IT Director for non-profit organizations including the American Heart Association and the Appalachian Mountain Club. Currently, he works as operations manager at the Better Future Project, a climate change/crisis organizing and advocacy non-profit. He was a long-time Sudbury resident who recently moved to Framingham. Venson spends as much time as possible outdoors, hiking (including a recent backpacking trip through rain forest in the Olympic National Park), kayaking, biking–including a regular route past the farm–or working in his yard. He is a strong advocate of sustainability and for protecting nature and the environment.

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