As summer slows and turns into autumn, we want to take a minute to highlight a special part of Stearns Farm—Penelope’s Garden. Located on the right as you walk past the pavilion and the picnic table, this beautiful space has been receiving a lot of attention and care from Tina Marcus, a first-year work-for-sharer. She has been busy all season weeding, as well as rediscovering and identifying the many plants growing in the garden.

Tina says she is creating a place where people can “feel welcome, take in the surroundings and open yourself up to the environment”. She has been using the PlantSnap app to catalog various herbs and flowers sharing the space, so visitors can learn about what grows there. There are log seats in the far left corner to sit and rest for a few minutes, maybe breathe in some nearby lavender, and listen to the many birds who visit the farm.

As with the herbs in the Culinary Herb Garden, visitors can harvest the plants in Penelope’s Garden that are marked with stars. This season’s offerings include chamomile, spearmint, peppermint, calendula and lemon balm. We simply ask that visitors stay on the marked path, be gentle when handling the plants, and take only what can be used in a week’s time.

Sharers may contact Tina with any questions, comments or suggestions at