We’re having our annual picnic, community bonfire and s’mores party this Friday, October 25 from 4-6 pm at the farm.  Bring your food, beverages, and a picnic blanket or chairs; we’ll provide the s’mores supplies.

We’ll also hold our annual meeting at 5 pm, introduce our board members, and recognize all the people who make Stearns Farm a special place. 

Stearns Farm has a small, volunteer board that works cooperatively to support our farmers. The board is responsible for fundraising, advising the farm manager, and providing professional expertise as needed. Because the board is small, we don’t have fixed committees, and we assign responsibilities based on members’ availability and interests.
We’re currently looking for one or two new board members for three-year terms. Any sharer or member is eligible. Current members have diverse backgrounds, and we all share a commitment to local, sustainable farming.
The board meets 5-6 times per year for 2.5 hours. Members take on one or two projects per year, with varying time commitments. If you’re interested or have questions, contact Board President Nomi Sofer at  president@stearnsfarmcsa.org