Please welcome Weronika Zawora as the incoming editor of the Stearns Farm newsletter and website. She’ll be coming to your inboxes beginning in November. 

Weronika is a librarian at Regis College in Weston, where she is pursuing a Master’s degree in strategic communication with a concentration in non-profits. She joined Stearns Farm as a sharer two years ago and had a work-for-share this season, during which she trained to take over the newsletter and worked on the field crew.

Born in Poland, Weronika  grew up in Worcester and earned a Bachelor’s degree from Clark University in Global Environmental Studies, focusing on land use and food production. While at Clark, she interned with the East Quabbin Land Trust, where she had the opportunity to talk to local food producers about the challenges and rewards of small-scale agriculture.

But the seeds of her interest in local, sustainable food were nurtured by her family, who were farmers only a few generations ago. “I learned from my maternal grandparents the importance of sustainable farming practices, eliminating food waste, preserving heirloom varieties and most importantly, stewardship of the land,” she says. In addition, her parents tended nine acres in Worcester County for almost 20 years.

After moving to Metrowest, Weronika searched for a CSA that offers organically-grown produce and decided to join Stearns Farm. “I became a summer sharer and had a wonderful time completing my work hours,” she says. “By the time last year’s garlic planting rolled around, I was hooked.”

Weronika lives in Framingham with her cat, Eva.