During our 2019 campaign, help us donate fresh produce to those in need.

Did you know that 8.7% of people in our community experience food insecurity? This means not having sufficient financial and supporting resources to access adequate and nutritious food on an ongoing basis. At Stearns Farm, we work with others in the community to provide access to fresh foods, like the ones you enjoy from the farm, to those in need. During this time of giving, we hope you will consider donating to our 2019 campaign so we can continue to provide organizations like A Place to Turn with produce. One client at A Place to Turn shared, “The vegetables have a huge impact because two of my kids were just diagnosed with diabetes, so this is food they need to be eating.”

As you gather with family and friends to enjoy the season, please consider supporting our 2019 campaign to raise $12,000 to donate 15 Classic Harvest shares to local organizations that fight hunger. Your gift is fully tax deductible and may be matched by your employer.

Source: Feeding America