At Stearns Farm, we are committed to more than just producing fresh foods: we are stewards of the land and we actively support members of our community who cannot access fresh foods.

We know there are lots of reasons why you may choose Stearns Farm: because of the access to fresh, organically grown fruits, vegetables, and flowers; because the money spent at the farm supports the local economy; because frankly everything is just more delicious; maybe for all of these reasons.

However, not everyone in our community has the same access to fresh produce. In fact, in our area, nearly 9% of our neighbors experience food insecurity–which means they do not have access to healthy and nutritious foods on a regular basis. And more than 40% of those people are not eligible for programs to help bridge that gap, like SNAP (food stamps), because their income is too high to qualify.

We believe that it should not be a luxury to feed your family healthy foods. That’s why we are asking you to support our effort to provide 15 Classic Harvest shares to local food pantries, so that families in our community can also provide these foods for their families.

In the past we have received some grant monies to support this effort. Unfortunately this past year, we received far less than we anticipated. Yet we know the food we provided to organizations like A Place to Turn were not only appreciated but also needed. One client shares, “The vegetables have a huge impact because two of my kids were just diagnosed with diabetes, so this is food they need to be eating.” Another explains, “The fresh vegetables help a lot because I’m on WIC which only gives us a couple things so it doesn’t last the whole month, but now I have more to feed my baby.”

We know that access to nutritious food has a huge, positive  impact on the health of our community. When kids have healthy food to eat, they do better in school. And a healthy diet helps reduce chronic disease. We hope you will consider donating $100, $50 or whatever you can so we can continue supporting those in our community today.

Again, thank you for being part of the Stearns Farm family. We appreciate all your support.