I can’t believe the year is nearly over! As I grow older, time seems to be moving faster in my life. I wrote this poem a few winters ago when I felt like I needed a reminder to be more present. I hope you enjoy it.

Stopping to Absorb Time

Spring is wet, fresh, and spunky

Summer is lazy, fat, and silly

Autumn is bright, musky, and thoughtful

Winter is sparkly, cozy, and wise


Each season has its moments

Moments that make you stop

To listen and breath in the vibrations around you

As you close your eyes and absorb it all 


They want our attention, you know

As we live in one season, the next one beckons us

Trying to make us forget where we are

And run forward through time into their arms


Don’t be fooled my friends

The sleeping bear does not rush hibernation

The cardinal does not wish for the early return of the catbird

The sun does not ever move faster through the sky


Be present my friends

Do not let the next season steal time from you

Be happy my friends

There is so much to be grateful for

Happy Holidays!