Happy New Year, everyone! This is the time of year when farmers are ordering seeds for the 2020 season. I have spent the past month looking at what was planted last year, what did well, what was missing and if there are new varieties I’d like to try this year.

The seed order is a large expense and a significant portion of our annual budget — totaling about $5,000. The CSA model helps significantly, making such a large purchase possible during the winter months while the farm is dormant. Thank you to everyone who has purchased a share so far!

There are many great seed companies to choose from and it can get a little overwhelming when you’re trying to decide where to look. This year, we will get most of our seed from four different seed companies: Johnny’s Selected Seeds (located in Maine), High Mowing Organic Seeds (Vermont), Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds (Missouri) and Fedco Seeds (Maine). I like each company for different reasons: Johnny’s has excellent customer service and knowledgeable staff; High Mowing provides only organic seeds and I’m able to find varieties that I can’t find anywhere else; Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds offers a unique and diverse selection and is committed to preserving agricultural heritage with their heirloom varieties; and Fedco specializes in varieties that are cold-hardy and specifically adapted to the Northeast climate.

Each company is proud of their products and dedicated to offering the best varieties and tools to their customers. I am truly grateful for their hard work, as seed saving on a large scale is a completely different way of farming and one that I don’t have much experience with yet.

If you need seeds for your gardens, I highly recommend using any of these companies. And remember, if you’d rather plant seedlings in your gardens and flower boxes, come to our seedling sale in May!

Until next time,