If you have favorite ways that you eat your share, we want to include your recipes in our forthcoming Stearns Farm cookbook. Start collecting them now, and we’ll provide a link to our official submission form in an upcoming newsletter.

The recipes must include at least one ingredient that comes from your summer or winter share (but it does not have to be the main ingredient). Because we want our cookbook to represent the myriad ways our community enjoys their CSA share, we encourage you to submit recipes for any type of dish, from any food tradition. We currently plan to publish the recipes in a softcover cookbook that will be available for sale to the public.

Below are some guidelines that explain what we’ll be looking for:

  • Recipes should serve 4-8 people. Estimates are OK.
  • The recipe must be original. However, because the basics of many recipes are the same, we can consider using recipes inspired by another source if your version is substantially different from what was published previously (make sure to note the source). We will not be able to accept recipes published by someone else that you cook step by step as written.
  • The best recipes will be those that you have regularly cooked and enjoyed. Family favorites, go-to meals, weekend projects, holiday traditions, crowd-pleasers, condiments, and that dish you can’t go a week without—we want them all. 

We hope that as you go through your recipe binder/box of file cards/online collection, you look forward to summer and our upcoming season. Stay tuned for more info, coming in March!