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Below is a poem I discovered recently that spoke to me. Marilyn Nelson is an American poet, translator and author of books for children. She is a professor emeritus at the University of Connecticut and the founder and director of Soul Mountain Retreat in East Haddam, Connecticut. The retreat offers fellowships to emerging and established poets, with a focus on writers from underrepresented racial and cultural groups.

by Marilyn Nelson

What if to taste and see, to notice things,
to stand each is up against emptiness
for a moment or an eternity—
images collected in consciousness
like a tree alone on the horizon—
is the main reason we’re on the planet.
The food’s here of the first crow to arrive,
numbers two and three at a safe distance,
then approaching the hand-created taste
of leftover coconut macaroons.
The instant sparks in the earth’s awareness.

Until next time,