This summer, we want your help with some fun projects that we hope will help add even more beauty to the farm, as well as present an opportunity to bring some light and love to Stearns. 

Along the border of Penelope’s Garden, there is the ideal place to share and celebrate your thoughts and images of peace, goodwill, health and kindness…one flag at a time. Celebrate our Stearns community with positivity, respect and FUN! The flags will be displayed in the same manner as Tibetan prayer flags.

Pieces of fabric will be available during pickup this week so please take one for your creation. It’s a great project for all ages! You can use a variety of materials things to create your message – acrylic paints, paint markers, fabric markers, Sharpies, applique, stitching/embroidery, dyes, collage, etc. Drop off finished flags in the box labeled EXPRESS YOURSELF! under the pavilion. And then be sure to take a moment and visit Penelope’s Garden to connect and feel inspired.

Photo credit: Larry Stein