All sharers and their families and friends are invited to paint rocks at home as a summer-long community craft project! Bring your rocks to Stearns and we will collectively create a rock border along the pathway between the greenhouse and the pavilion.

We are in the process of refreshing the plantings in this section of the farm. Your painted rocks will be a cheerful, welcoming sight along the walk up to the pavilion all throughout the CSA share pickup season!

  • Write inspiring messages, pretty designs, garden theme images –  butterflies, ladybugs, bees, etc. on rocks you find in your yard or around the edges of the Stearns Farm property. 
  • Use “acrylic paint markers”, “acrylic paint pens” or other waterproof paints that will work on rocks. Borrow some from a neighbor, order online or support a local store. 
  • When you come for your weekly CSA pickup, add your colorful creation to the growing pathway border. 

Paint and present as many rocks as you wish throughout the summer. This is a continuous community project, so there is no deadline for contributing. We look forward to seeing this beautiful rock border be steadily built by the community throughout the summer!

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