Penelope’s Garden, located on the right past the pavilion and picnic table, is full of herbs now ready to take home. Whether enjoyed fresh or dried, the garden features six types of mint and many others. Check out the list below:

Spearmint – used for digestion and nausea and in aromatherapy.
“Stearns” mint – try a tea made from our very own mint!
Peppermint – alleviates pain and reduces stress.
Buena verba/Sweet mint – best for mojitos and mocktails (Mentha x suavis).
Chocolate mint – really tastes like chocolate!
Apple mint – also called the woolly or pineapple mint, it’s often used in culinary recipes.
Lemon balm – helps with headaches and great for liver health.
Borage – also known as the starflower, the flowers are edible and have a cucumber-like taste.
Kapoor Tulsi/Holy basil – famous for its anxiety-reducing effects, it’s also used to clear the respiratory tract. Makes a delicious tea.
Calendula – great for improving skin health and lowering inflammation.
Mugwort – helps with digestive issues and menstrual pain.
Comfrey – traditionally used for healing wounds and relieving aching muscles.


Tina Alexander, Penelope’s Garden work-for-sharer, has transformed the space over the last two years, with many hours spent weeding and identifying the multitude of plants populating the garden. Along with the PYO gold star indicating an herb is ready to harvest, Tina has put signs up showing exactly where to cut each plant’s stem.

For those who wish to save some of the harvest for the coming months, remember to pick a little every week so that over time you collect enough while still leaving fresh herbs for everyone to share. And check out this easy guide to drying and storing your herbs from the Bangor Daily News.