Over the last few months, you may have spotted or even shook paws with the newest member of the Stearns crew.

Freckles originally hails from South Carolina and moved up to Massachusetts shortly before being adopted by Kerry and her partner John. He’s almost two years old and loves to tear apart his favorite soft and squeaky toys. When he’s not busy guarding the veggies from visitor pests, Freckles loves to nap after a long day at the farm.
We recently sat down for a brief chat about his first season here at Stearns:
How did you end up joining the team here at Stearns?
My people, Farmer Kerry and John, met me at Buddy Dog in Sudbury and aside from loving me instantly, they thought I could be a great addition to the team. Little did they know, I was a prolific veggie defender and groundhog exterminator! You wouldn’t know it though because usually when you see me, I’m wagging my tail, waiting for pets from you. 
Hard at work
What’s a typical day like at the farm?
A typical day at the farm starts on the car over – I get super excited because I know where we are going! When I get there, I make sure to start off with my rounds, checking every single smell, nook and groundhog hole to make sure everything is safe. There are also lots of bunnies and rodents that need chasing, so I make sure to get that out of the way first. Then I’ll either hang out by the truck while Kerry and Ember work in the fields or I’m by the tree snacking on carrots and welcoming everyone during the CSA pickup. I love my job! I get to meet lots of people, get lots of pets and play with all the other puppies that visit. Little kids are my absolute favorite! 
What’s been the highlight of your first summer season?
I can’t pick a favorite, there are so many good moments! I love making everyone happy by doing what I instinctively do best: reducing groundhog pressure and bringing you big heads of lettuce!!
Taking a break