Stearns Farm has been a working farm for many decades, and that is clear when you take a close look at our soil. Farming, even organically, year after year can take a toll on the soil and the vast world of creatures and microorganisms that exist below our feet.

Because we farm so intensively–we grow two and even three crops per year on every inch of our available land–it is difficult to take care of our soil properly, by adding organic matter and reducing the compaction and erosion caused by tractors.

Scientists and farmers from around the world have discovered just how critical soil health is to improving the health and productivity of our crops, capturing carbon from the atmosphere and helping farms withstand extreme weather conditions. With two droughts in the last five years coming on top of decades of intensive farming, investing in our soil now is critical to the future of Stearns Farm.

This year, we hope to raise $8,000 to help us invest in the health and sustainability of our soil and lay the groundwork for a possible transition of a portion of our land to no-till farming. This investment will help us purchase much needed amendments, improve our cover crop seeding plan and begin to invest in materials that would be necessary to transition a portion of the farm to no-till growing.

Investing in our soil requires a series of coordinated steps over a number of years. With your help, we can restore our soil to its full potential and ensure that Stearns Farm continues to be a productive and sustainable farm.

Invest in our soil today and DONATE NOW.

Thank you,
Ember Fleming