Farming is hard work, and the Stearns Farm crew works hard every year to put fresh, healthy food on our tables. This year was extraordinary, and not in a good way. But our farm crew was extraordinary in all the best ways. 

Between March, when the pandemic shut everything down, and our first CSA pickup in June, Ember pivoted gracefully to reimagine how we do our pickups in order to keep everyone in the farm community safe. She modified farming practices and adjusted how her crew functions, and made numerous contingency plans, given how little we knew in the spring about what would be allowed in June.

Once the pickup season began, Ember, Kerry, the work-for-share crew and our dedicated volunteers made the farm a safe and welcoming place to be. Though their faces were obscured by masks, and we all had to keep our distance, we could see their smiles and feel their warmth. Ember and Kerry are an incredible team, and their teamwork and leadership gave us one of the best CSA seasons in recent memory. In the midst of turmoil and loss, Stearns Farm was safe, peaceful and productive.

Ember, Kerry and the entire farm crew: We are so grateful for all the ways you have gone above and beyond in this difficult year. Thank you!

The Stearns Farm Board of Directors