The Winter Share pickup is this Saturday, December 19th from 10am-2pm and we will have maple syrup, honey, T-shirts and (NEW) PYO flower vouchers available for sale!

Cash, check and credit cards are accepted so if you have any last-minute gifts to grab, this is a great opportunity to shop local and enjoy some treats from the farm as we close out the year.

1lb jars $15.50
2lb jars $28.50

Maple Syrup:
1/2 Pint $8
Pint $15
Quart $25
1/2 Gallon $40
Gallon $65
24 oz Glass wine bottle $20
50 oz Glass jug $38

Chaga Mushroom $8

Stearns Farm CSA T-shirts:
Adult $17
Kid $12

PYO Flower Voucher for 30 blooms $16