Thank you so much to those of you who have supported our fundraising efforts so far. Your contributions will make it possible for Stearns to purchase nearly 120 yards of organic compost! The addition of quality compost to our fields will be an important first step in giving back to our soil, but we have many more steps to take before our work is done.

In order to ensure the health and sustainability of Stearns, we need your help. Not only do we want to grow delicious produce for you, it is imperative that we continue sharing with those who face food insecurity, as the numbers in Massachusetts have sharply increased during the pandemic. In order to take on the rapidly changing climate, it is time to face the truth and protect a stable source of local, organic food we can all enjoy.

Our soil.

The living, breathing world beneath our feet needs our help. It cannot keep giving to us unless we give back in return. Our CSA needs to foster a mutualistic, symbiotic relationship with the land in order to continue growing for many more years. And we need everyone to participate, as we cannot face these challenges with a small few.

In addition to 120 yards of compost, your gift will pay for more detailed soil tests and the necessary amendments following the results. Your gift will also allow us to invest in equipment that will help make it possible for us to reduce tractor use in the fields, lessening erosion and supporting the health of the soil’s natural ecosystem.

Give today to help feed our fields and give back to our soil.

Thank you,