If you have bouquets of dried herbs left over from last season’s harvest, there are plenty of ways to enjoy their aroma and healing properties, even in the middle of winter.

Here are three ideas to add a bit of joy and luxury to our everyday:

Moth-Repellent Satchel:

Mix 1 oz. of dried lavender and 1 oz. of dried rosemary in a bowl. Scoop equal parts into three cloth sachet bags, filling each bag about three-fourths full. Place one dried bay leaf into each bag and tie closed. Hang the bags on hangers in your closet or place in drawers to keep moths away from your favorite fabrics.

Oatmeal and Herb Bath Bags:

It’s peak time for dry skin, so here is a simple way to skip the harsh dyes and fragrances and revel in some TLC. Cut a few square pieces of cheesecloth, approximately 8″x8″, along with some long strips. Place a handful of oats in the middle and add dried herbs of your choice – lavender, lemon verbena, chamomile, mint and comfrey are all excellent choices. Gather the four ends and tie with one of the long strips. Make the ribbon longer so it can hang from the bath’s faucet, allowing the water to run through and infuse the bathwater with nature’s goodness.

Dream Pillow:

You will need two pieces of fabric, measuring about 12″ long by 4 1/2″ wide. You’ll want to sew (by hand or machine) the two long sides together, creating a tube shape. Sew one of the ends closed and fill the pillow with assorted dried herbs that promote relaxation and sleep. You can’t go wrong with lavender, chamomile, mugwort, hop heads, mint and dried rose petals. Leave a little bit of room to sew shut the other end and give the herbs space to move around. Slip the pillow in your regular pillowcase and sweet dreams!

Mugwort growing in Penelope’s Garden

Information courtesy of Tina Marcus (you may have seen her tending to Penelope’s Garden), diyjoy.com, everydayroots.com and gardentherapy.ca