Self-care is vital to maintaining optimal health amid all of our everyday surprises and stressors. Why not surround yourself with beauty and spoil your senses this harvest season with a PYO Flower and Herb Share?

Give yourself the luxury of time spent in our extensive flower space and two herbs gardens, to enjoy and gather all the exquisite colors and flavors nature provides. For only $12 a week (plus a $10 membership fee for first-time Stearns members), sharers can choose two dozen stems and a wide variety of herbs during each pick up. As with our delicious produce, the variety of flowers and the exact number of stems per week will change depending on what is blooming in the garden.

This share is ideal for those of us who use a variety of herbs for cooking, drying, medicinal remedies, soap making and assorted crafts, and for anyone who enjoys cutting and assembling their own flower arrangements.

The 2021 Flower and Herb Share consists of ten pickups, beginning the week after July 4. Sharers can pick their herbs and flowers on Tuesdays or Fridays from 10am-7pm, or on Saturdays from 8am-12pm. There is no work hour requirement for the 2021 Flower and Herb Share.

Buy a PYO Flower and Herb Share today and enjoy the garden treasures all the way past Labor Day!