During last spring’s unprecedented meat shortages in supermarkets across the country, I decided to try a meat share for the first time. Like the delicious produce we receive from Stearns, I want to make sure the meat I’m consuming is locally sourced, produced sustainably and does not contain chemicals or added hormones. I can say with full confidence that Chestnut Farms of Hardwick, MA produces the best meat I’ve ever eaten.

The family-owned and operated farm is solar powered, while the animals are grass fed, spend lots of time outside and are well cared for in safe conditions. The owners Kim and Rich are passionate about raising happy and healthy livestock while providing access to affordable and delicious meat to communities across the state. The CSA share runs in two cycles and the summer season starts in June. Although you commit to a six-month season, you pay monthly rather than all upfront, allowing for a bit more budget flexibility. Spaces are limited and there are multiple pick up locations available in the area (including the Meetinghouse parking lot across the way from Stearns), so don’t wait, sign up today at http://chestnutfarms.org/

Photo source: Chestnut Farms newsletter (Kim also puts together an awesome monthly newsletter!)