The Massachusetts Food System Collaborative is a state-wide effort focused on increasing the production and sales of foods grown in the Commonwealth, nurturing fair job creation and wage increases within the industry, ensuring just and environmentally sound practices and reducing food insecurity in populations across the state. The MFSC site is a great resource for those looking to lend their voice and support the many people who work incredibly hard every single day to produce healthy food locally and sustainably for their communities – just like Stearns!

With so many crucial issues facing our local food system, the Collaborative is a joint venture between various organizations and individual stakeholders across Massachusetts committed to making “progress toward a sustainable and equitable food system”. Check out their news feed for easy ways you can help, like following current food system bills in the legislature and contacting your local representatives. It takes only a few minutes but your effort can make a world of difference to the farmers, fish harvesters, processors, distributors and many others dedicated to working in the state’s food system we all enjoy.