With summer just getting under way, returning to a new school year seems like a very distant eventuality. But with 2021 zipping right along, it will be here before we know it. Only a handful of this year’s Back to School Shares remain, so order now before they are all gone.

We offer two weekly Back to School share options: the Classic Harvest, for households of four or more people, and the Farmer’s Choice, for households with two adults or families with small children. Both 10-week shares begin in August and include the most bountiful period of the harvest season. Included are the same vegetables choices as full-season sharers receive during the last half of the harvest season, access to both herb gardens, PYO raspberries and PYO flowers.

Sharers are required to contribute a minimum number of 2 (Farmer’s Choice) or 3 (Classic Harvest) hours of field labor over the course of the growing season, half of which must be completed by mid-July. These hours can be paid for if working in the fields isn’t feasible for you. The full cost of the share plus the membership fee must be paid for before the pick-up season begins.

Don’t miss out and order yours today!