We’ve got some old favorites and a new addition to the items sold during regular Tuesday and Friday pick ups. It’s one more way to enjoy locally sourced items while supporting Stearns Farm.

8oz & 1lb jars of 2020 honey from Arthur’s Apiaries – The honey comes courtesy of one of own sharers, Arthur Johnson, of Arthur’s Apiaries. Arthur keeps his hives right here at the farm, as well as a few other places in the area. You have probably encountered some of our resident busy bees working away this season in the PYO Flower and Herb Gardens.

Maple syrup from Harms Family Farm – Harms Farm in Colrain, MA has been selling syrup at Stearns Farm for over a decade, while Sonya was working here and Luke was making syrup in the mountains of Maine. Luke also built the beautiful cabinet to display all the products we have available for purchase under the pavilion.

Their syrup comes in three grades: Grade A Medium Amber has a light, candy-like hint of maple flavor. Grade A Dark has more maple flavor but is not as sweet. Grade A Very Dark has an even stronger maple flavor that is ideal for cooking.

Ground chaga mushroom (foraged and processed by Harms Farm) – Chaga mushrooms are harvested from trees such as birch and are used to make hot tea or an alcohol-based tincture. Consuming chaga has been linked to a decrease in inflammation and boosts in immune system and antioxidant functioning. Personally, I find it has a neutral, earthy flavor when enjoyed as a hot tea. It is recommended that chaga mushroom tea or tincture be consumed on an empty stomach for best results.

NEW Jobe’s Tears Earrings ($25) – Earrings made from Jobe’s Tears seeds grown and collected at Stearns. The work and materials were donated by Christine Faucher, CSA member since 2020 and jeweler of Trillium Designs Jewelry. 

100% of the proceeds go to Stearns Farm!


Cash, check and credit cards are all accepted for payment.