The Stearns Farm PYO Flower Garden is welcoming members of the public starting today! People can visit the farm anytime during daylight hours (from dawn until dusk) to pick their flowers for purchase.

The cost is 50 cents per bloom and $1 per each sunflower. Please bring exact change in cash or a check (made out to Stearns Farm CSA) and leave payment in the white box under the kiosk in the parking lot.

Remember to bring your own jar and scissors and read the instructions before picking. Water is available from the big, red rain barrel by the entrance to the garden.

For long-lasting bouquets, the best time to pick flowers is early in the morning or later in the afternoon, avoiding the hottest part of the day. Remove any low-laying leaves from each stem and place the flowers immediately in water. Make sure to replace the water daily and avoid direct sunlight for best results. For more tips on making your cut blooms go the distance, check out this week’s From the Field.

Spread the word to your family, friends and colleagues about this wonderful opportunity to visit the farm and enjoy our beautiful flowers throughout the summer season!