The last day to purchase this year’s Fruit Share is Sunday, August 15th. Order today to receive freshly picked apples—or a package equivalent in value of other fruit, based on availability—from Autumn Hills Orchard for eight consecutive weeks. Place your order in our online store.

For $80, each fall Fruit Share consists of a weekly 1/2 peck tote (approx. 4-5 lbs. depending on the contents each week) of the freshest and highest quality fruit picked to order specifically for CSA members. Distribution of fruit shares begins at Stearns Farm on August 24th.

Share contents will vary over the season but are primarily apples, including antique and modern varieties. Other fruit may include peaches, Concord grapes, Italian plums, Bartlett and Bosc pears. Autumn Hills provides information about the varieties offered, along with tips for using the fruit, on their online CSA page.