We meet again on Saturday, August 21st at 11am. Those who couldn’t come last time are certainly welcome to join us and hang out to talk about herbs and vinegars and anything else!

Bring your mason jar of herbal vinegar and we will strain it into bottles. Bring your own decorative bottle, or I will bring some small and large bottles that I’m happy to share. Please bring $2 for a small one and/or $3 for a large one towards the cost of the bottles. I will also have small funnels, cheesecloth and decorative ribbons for our bottles. Those who have not infused vinegar yet (or want to infuse another one while hanging out) – if you want to bring a bottle of Bragg’s or other organic, “with the mother” (look for the phase on the label) apple cider vinegar and a mason jar, we can certainly start more herbal vinegar infusions on the 21st as well!

Email jhenaphere@gmail.com with any questions.