This week, we checked in with Kerry Beyrer, Stearns Farm Assistant Manager, about the season, the harvest and her plans for the months ahead.

What stands out as your favorite memory from the 2021 season?

My favorite thing was returning to a well-oiled machine. The farm really is a community and it takes help from everyone to work. From the work hours put in and volunteers, everyone helps the farm do what it does best and I’m extremely thankful for that.

What surprised you most about this year’s harvest?

Plants just want to grow and we do our best to help, to provide them with the best conditions we can. Mother Nature doesn’t always have the same plan – first it was hot, then all the rain, throw in some bugs. I’m always surprised by the resilience of plants to overcome certain extremes.

What are your plans for the upcoming off-season?

The off-season for me means back to the wonderful world of chocolate! It’s prime chocolate season for the holidays and then Valentine’s Day. I’ve worked at Goodnow Farms in Sudbury the past two winters and I’m looking forward to returning to Chocolate Therapy in Framingham this winter.

Would Freckles like to add a few words?

I enjoyed keeping the groundhogs at bay and hanging with all the kiddos during pickup. Had some help learning new tricks, dug some big holes and took lots of naps in the back of the truck. It was a good second season!