Our first Winter Share pick up will be this Saturday, November 20th from 10am-2pm. You will receive your share in the comfort of the greenhouse and there will be maple syrup, chaga mushroom, earrings and the hot-off-the-presses Stearns cookbook for sale during pick up. Look out for an email arriving this Wednesday with a complete listing of what’s in your share.

We will pack all your delicious vegetables into a box for your convenience. We would LOVE it if you could return your box either by unloading the veggies into your own bags at your car (to prevent crowding in the greenhouse), or by bringing the box back to the farm by December 13th. Please be careful when opening your boxes and try not to tear the tabs to ensure the structural integrity of the box so we can use it for many years. You can place the box just inside the greenhouse door.

And whether you’re picking up your Winter Share or stopping by to say hello, we’ll have plenty of goodies for sale during the pickup.

Our brand new Stearns Farm Cookbook – get all the info here

Maple syrup from Harms Family Farm – Harms Farm in Colrain, MA has been selling syrup at Stearns Farm for over a decade, while Sonya was working here and Luke was making syrup in the mountains of Maine. Luke also built the beautiful cabinet to display all the products we have available for purchase under the pavilion.

Their syrup comes in three grades: Grade A Medium Amber has a light, candy-like hint of maple flavor. Grade A Dark has more maple flavor but is not as sweet. Grade A Very Dark has an even stronger maple flavor that is ideal for cooking.

Ground chaga mushroom (foraged and processed by Harms Farm) – Chaga mushrooms are harvested from trees such as birch and are used to make hot tea or an alcohol-based tincture. Consuming chaga has been linked to a decrease in inflammation and boosts in immune system and antioxidant functioning. Personally, I find it has a neutral, earthy flavor when enjoyed as a hot tea. It is recommended that chaga mushroom tea or tincture be consumed on an empty stomach for best results.

Jobe’s Tears Earrings ($25) – Earrings made from Jobe’s Tears seeds grown and collected at Stearns. The work and materials were donated by Christine Faucher, CSA member since 2020 and jeweler of Trillium Designs Jewelry. 100% of the proceeds go to Stearns Farm!

Cash, check and credit cards are all accepted for payment.