Black Earth Compost is now servicing Framingham and surrounding towns! So simple and great for the environment.

3 Easy Steps:

1. Line your curbside bin or a kitchen countertop container and fill it with veggie scraps, meat, dairy, bones, napkins, paper towels and more. 

2.  They swing by and empty your bin. 

3.  Get compost in the spring.

You will receive a voucher for a bag of finished compost, redeemable at participating Garden Centers or you can donate your portion of finished compost to Backyard Growers. You can use your online account to access your ecological impact, view town compost stats, manage payments and more.

I have been enjoying their service for a few months now and the experience has been top notch. I love that my food scraps are being put to good use instead of fossilizing in a landfill. Plus, the range of items they accept is truly impressive.

If you sign up this month you can get $5 off by using this link:

Currently, there are 240 households signed up. Once we reach 300 the price will drop for everyone!

For more information visit their website

Image sourced from Black Earth Compost homepage