Our Summer Share pick ups begin NEXT WEEK! Below are some important details to remember as you come back to the farm. 

How to pick up your share:

Pickup runs from 10am – 7pm on Tuesdays and Fridays.  Allow at least half an hour to collect all of your produce. You may need additional time to harvest pick-your-own crops. If these are available, please plan to finish harvesting them no later than 6:40pm so that the farmer who stays to close up is able to head home shortly after 7pm.

Please double check your confirmation email to see what day you selected to pick up your share. If you can’t find your confirmation email, please contact Barbara at admin@stearnsfarmcsa.org.

We do not provide any bags, baskets or containers for transporting your produce home.  We recommend that you bring:

  • Plastic bags to put individual vegetables in (save your produce bags from the supermarket).  Be sure to bring bags for loose greens like spinach and salad mix, even if you put other produce into a basket or a box.
  • Shopping bags, baskets or boxes in which to carry your produce to your car.
  • Pint and quart containers for the Pick-Your-Own crops.  Quantities of each crop will be designated in terms of pints and quarts.  Save containers from supermarket produce and bring them with you to the farm.
  • A travel cup or other container that holds water to put your cut flowers into (beginning in July, when the flower garden opens for picking). We have water available so your flowers can make it home in the best shape possible. 
  • Scissors or small shears for cutting flowers.

Can’t pick up your share?

For a one time schedule change (vacation, travel, etc.), email me at farmer@stearnsfarmcsa.org by 8PM on Sunday evening of the week you wish to switch your pickup day. You may only pick up your share once in a calendar week. For additional details, please see our Farm Policies.

For a permanent change to your pick-up day, contact Barbara Ward at admin@stearnsfarmcsa.org. Keep in mind that we may not be able to accommodate switch requests because we have to keep the number of sharers picking up on each day balanced to ensure sufficient produce for everyone.

If possible, we encourage you to have a friend, neighbor or family member come to get your share if you can’t make it. It’s a great way to pay it forward and share the farm with others! It would be helpful if they accompanied you the week before so that they can learn the procedures for picking up at Stearns Farm, but it isn’t necessary. A staff member will be available to answer any questions and show them the ropes. 

For Emergencies: Please email me at farmer@stearnsfarmcsa.org to inform me of your situation and I will see if I can help! 

But don’t worry, if you can’t make it or forget, we automatically donate your share to local food pantries we partner with. 

See you soon!

Until next time,