The 2022 CSA Season is off to a great start! Whether you’re looking to supplement your Summer Share or want to join Stearns Farm for the first time, there are still several options left to purchase.

PYO Flower & Herb Share:

A Pick-Your-Own Flower and Herb Share is perfect for those who use a variety of herbs for cooking, drying, medicinal remedies, soap making, crafting and creating unique flower arrangements. For only $13 a week, sharers can enjoy dozens of fresh decorative and edible flowers, along with a wide variety of culinary and tea herbs, for 10 pickups beginning the week after July 4th.

PYO Flower & Herb sharers have access to the CSA Flower Garden, the Culinary Herb Garden and Penelope’s Garden (to the right of the pavilion). The dozens of decorative flower options include cosmos, sunflowers, carnations, rudbeckia, salvia, statice, celosia, snapdragon, calendula, marigold, strawflower, yarrow, zinnia, asters, ageratum, dahlia, poppy, sweet peas and gomphrena.

Sharers can pick their herbs and flowers on Tuesdays or Fridays from 10am-7pm, or on Saturdays from 8am-12pm and there is no work hour requirement.

Back-to-School Classic Harvest Share:

The Classic Harvest Back to School Share includes the same choices of vegetables as a full season share, but for 10 weeks beginning in late August. This option includes a wide variety of produce picked up weekly, plus PYO raspberries, herbs and flowers.

The share feeds 4 or more per week as part of a balanced diet and is perfect if you have a large household or older children with big appetites, but you are often away during the summer and still want to enjoy the bounty of the season; if you cook more, or eat at home more, as the weather cools down; or you want your kids to have a variety of vegetables on hand for snacks and sides once school starts.

The cost is $523 and includes a 3 work hour commitment to be completed before the end of the season.

Fruit Share

Once again partnering with Autumn Hills Orchard (located in Groton, MA), the 2022 Fruit Share pickups begin the week of August 22th. Shares consist of 8 weekly 1/2 peck tote (approx. 4-5 lbs depending on the make up of the share) of the freshest and highest quality fruit picked to order specifically for CSA members.

Shares highlight the wide range of fruits grown at the orchard and enable members to sample a good selection of orchard-grown apples and other fruit, including some antique as well as modern varieties. Shares may include peaches, pears, pluots, Concord grapes and apples.

The cost is $84 and Stearns CSA sharers and non-sharers alike are welcome to purchase one.