Energize Framingham is launching a new campaign to have 2,500 Framingham households sign up for organics recycling by 2024 and have a city-wide program in place by 2025. 

Why organics recycling?  

Because everyone eats – so everyone could potentially recycle their food waste. And, organics recycling will help us meet the Commonwealth’s goal to reduce our waste by 30% by 2030. And it just makes sense to reduce our waste in a way that will literally grow plants that sequester carbon into the soil.

How does it work?

Energize Framingham has partnered with a curbside collection company: Black Earth Compost. They offer six month subscriptions that may be paid upfront or monthly. They pick up your organics recycling every Friday using a mini version of our trash and recycling containers (those come in a purchased starter kit).

Framingham already has 268 residents that subscribe to this organics recycling service. Are you ready to join your neighbors? We only need 32 more sign-ups to drop the price by 30%! 

Just click here and sign up today. The link will give you a $5 discount and contribute to the donation of a raised garden bed for a community garden right here in Framingham. Questions? Reach out to Nanette at breymagnon@aol.com

Information provided by Aimee Powelka of EnergizeFramingham.org

Image sourced from blackearthcompost.com