I’m delighted to invite all of you to a mid-season potluck and movie viewing on Saturday, August 20th from 6:30PM – 8:30PM. All are welcome as we share the bounty of the season’s harvest. We will celebrate with a gathering of our community members (CSA members or not), good food and a special movie viewing. Bring a dish or drink to share with a list of ingredients in case of allergies and a chair or blanket to sit on. The film will begin around 8/8:15PM. Please RSVP to Ember at farmer@stearnsfarmcsa.org.

Last fall, a student from Wellesley College visited the property to record footage for her final project. The result is a truly amazing short observational documentary featuring Stearns Farm that captures the peaceful beauty of this special piece of land. Below is some information about the creator and description of her final project:

“I’m Sophie, a recent graduate of Wellesley College with a degree in Studio Art and Middle Eastern Studies. Growing up between France and the United States, I developed a deep love for languages and culture. Passionate about visual storytelling as a vehicle for human connection, I use the moving image to foster a sense of community in my work. More specifically, I’m interested in documenting the ways that food brings people together and transcends borders.”

Planting Roots (2022)

short film

Planting Roots is an ode to the origins of food. In a world where we shop for convenience, not for quality, this short film is an invitation to slow down and think critically about the roots of our food. Planting Roots follows the community at Stearns Farm in Framingham, MA through the fall of 2021 and into the spring season. 

By documenting the farm’s harvests, community events and planting sessions, my goal is to immerse the viewer in the world of the farm. An observational documentary, this film is a space for my audience to experience the meditative quality of working on a farm. By giving the images time and space to unfold, the pace is slowed down and viewers are plunged into the community onscreen.”