Mary Memmott, a member of the Justice and Love in Action Team at Edwards Church UCC, recently shared the following:

Edward Church UCC Framingham has purchased a share (or two) at Stearns every year since 2016 — before that Grace Congregational Church UCC (which merged with Edwards) had one since about 2006 or so — we always donate most or all of the share to local pantries and recently received a really nice thank you from our main recipient, Hope pantry in downtown Framingham….The person who is mentioned in the email below making the abundant delivery is Matt Walker, our most regular volunteer“:

Dear Mary, Are you still overseeing the produce we receive from Stearns Farm that your Church pays for and your members bring to us on Saturday mornings?

I am not there every Sat but I was there about a month ago and a gentleman from your church (that I have seen multiple times) delivered an abundance of wonderful produce! What variety! We were all THRILLED to add this to what we are able to give to our clients. I heard that there was a lot of produce delivered to us this past Saturday too.

I want to thank you and your church for funding this produce share and for the angels who pick it up and deliver it to us on Saturday mornings. We are so very grateful.

Thank you also on behalf of all the families who enjoy this nutritious produce. Our clientele has increased by more than 50% this year and your generosity and sacrifice are so very helpful and appreciated.

In gratitude,

Anne Lowey

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