Before I started working at Stearns, I was the greenhouse manager and senior production assistant at another farm in eastern Massachusetts. The farm was much larger, around 50 acres, and most of the customers and restaurants we grew for were located in Boston. As a result, I had few opportunities to connect or communicate with the CSA members and customers who were enjoying all the produce we grew.

During the years I worked there, I began to realize how important this connection to my community is to me. When I decided to leave, I wanted to find a farm that would give me the opportunity to actually know the community I was growing for and where its members could visit and enjoy the farm themselves and with their families. And that is exactly what I found at Stearns seven years ago. 

For this reason alone, Stearns Farm stands out as a truly remarkable place. It is welcoming to its CSA members, encourages transparency with its farmers, and sees the significance and power of a strong community. Our growing season may end in October, but our work continues throughout the year, and we hope that your participation in the Stearns community is year-round too. Your commitment to a CSA share is only one aspect of how you can support the farm. Your participation in our annual fundraising campaign is just as important as buying a CSA share. 

Our goal this year is to increase the number of people in our community who give during our campaign. There is significant strength and power in numbers. The more of you who participate, the more we can accomplish. We can’t rely on a small group to carry us into a sustainable future, we need all of you to participate . A community is successful when everyone commits to taking that extra step to ensure a bright future for its members. 

Join your fellow community members and give a gift of any amount today.

Thank you for all your support,

Ember Fleming
Stearns Farm Manager