The winter months have been slow and peaceful for the farm as it rests from the previous season. With the spring equinox around the corner, I’ve been busy getting supplies ready to begin seeding in the greenhouse. After hours of updating, planning, brainstorming, and dreaming, it’s nearly time to wake up.

As work picks up at Stearns, there will be more opportunities to help out, whether you need to complete work hours or just want to volunteer a couple hours of your time. Keep an eye on the newsletter and our website for updates on activities and events at the farm. At the moment, we have some openings on our work-for-share crew and we are in need of volunteers to help with writing seedling sale labels. 

Work for Share:

Our work-for-share crew works 4 hours/week during the summer/early fall in exchange for a vegetable share. It’s a great way to meet community members, get some time outside, and learn a little bit about how the farm operates. We are currently looking for a few more people to join our field crew to assist with harvesting, as well as the occasional weeding and planting. Please read the position description to see if this might interest you or someone you know.

Volunteer/Work hour Opportunity: 

One project we always need to tackle this time of year involves making labels for each potted plant for our seedling sale in May. The labels are important so our customers know what they ordered and what they are planting. We use Popsicle sticks as our labels in an effort to refrain from using plastic. This also saves the farm some money, but it takes a lot of time

We’d be very grateful if you or anyone you know (with nice handwriting!) are interested in volunteering to make labels for us. This task can also count towards your work hour requirement, just inform Ember if this is the case. We will provide all the supplies needed. The deadline to complete making the labels is March 24th. Email Ember at to coordinate pick up of supplies as early as this week.