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General farm operations (including questions about growing crops, daily farm operations. To request temporary changes to pickup days, send email only.)* Farm Manager Melanie Hardy 508-202-0387
Payments, enrollment, membership, and anything else that is remotely administrative (including permanent changes to your pickup day) Administrative Assistant
Frann Bennett 978-440-9307
Volunteering at the farm in any way, from fieldwork to web design and everything in between Volunteer Coordinator
Sara Abramovitz  508-380-0501
Farm policies, or if you would like to support the farm financially Board of Directors  
The Children’s Garden Rotating staff  
Logins, passwords, and all technical website questions Webmaster
Tom Yelton  978-443-5138
Website content, or if you’d like to contribute to the website Website Editor
Elana Varon  

*For questions about growing crops and daily farm operations, you may email the farm manager, Melanie Hardy at Please keep in mind that there is no internet access at the farm; Melanie spends most of her time working in the field and has very little time to respond to email.

Requests for temporary changes to pickup days (due to vacation or travel) can be made in person at the farm or by emailing Melanie at Please do not leave a message on the farm phone: we are unable to check messages regularly. We know that this is inconvenient, and we are working on a web-based system for making such switches. Thank you for bearing with us.

If you aren’t sure who to contact with your question, please click here.